Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Open Heaven

Sometimes words can't really express what just happened. Ya know? At Lifegroup tonight, we literally had an open heaven. The Lord brought to mind the scripture "knock and the door will be opened unto you, seek and you shall find"...and then I heard him say we don't even have to knock because the door to heaven is flung wide open. Thank you God for an open door policy!!

A newer attendee of our Lifegroup received from the Lord a curve in her neck, and also one of her legs grew out to match the other one. Yep, that's right! We prayed for her because her neck was hurting; and visibly, her cervical spine was straight, lacking normal curvature when she came tonight. She had been experiencing hip and back pain forever because of the leg length discrepancy. That was healed too! Unfortunately I didn't get to see the leg actually grow out because I was praying for another one of my friends...but suddently everyone got super loud and excited and the girl just was sobbing uncontrollably. She was so thankful and so touched by God in a physical way that she literally was wailing. She couldn't even control it! It was amazing the work the Lord did. And then when we were praying for her inner healing, God just brought even more things out to the surface and I really believe God moved deeply in her heart, healing up old wounds and depositing peace. She said later that her whole life she had dealt with secret hurt and shame and not told anyone what she was going through, but that tonight she was set free and given a new heart and new body parts too. It was evident that God's spirit was on her because her worship was completely unhindered and she could care less what anyone else thought of it. I couldn't help but laugh with joy. God you do crazy things! Let us never put you in a box!!!

P.S. This is just ONE of MANY testimonies of how God is moving. He's doing something radical here in Waco, TX. It secures me in my wavering about whether I was supposed to be here this year doing Elevate. I have such a rich community of people here that are all growing in the Lord and seeing signs and wonders. Renew them in our day, God! Let people see that healing and miracles still happen today and that you are not a God of the grandfathers of old.

I was really down on myself today about various things and just not feeling near to God, so I just prayed that in my weakness he would be all the stronger. I was so encouraged by tonight and my faith level has been raised to the Nth degree! Thank you Grady for your affirmation that you do see me as a bold person who would have no trouble witnessing. That was uber encouraging.

Please pray for me this week as I share his word with people I encounter. I am kinda stressed and I've got to make sure I am not being self-centered, and that I don't miss out on opportunities. I need true confidence to share like the believers in Acts. I need the Spirit of God all over me, so that I can touch others with his love. So that it is not anything that I can claim to have done, but that it was all God. Show me who needs you Jesus, and let me be your hands and feet. Let me not wrestle with my fallen nature this week, but be completely abandoned to you!!

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