Friday, January 28, 2011

Simple Thoughts

I like my friends. No, I love them!! They are so supportive and give fresh perspective and input into my life that is so valuable to me. I hope whenever I eventually move that I can find more people of this quality to do life with. And yes, Laura and I talked today about how we both want to move to Austin. So...let's go! I need to start looking for jobs. Yuck. Being financially stable with my current job is so nice. So easy. But so old hat and boring. Change is much needed. I'd love to live with Laura! She's a wonderful, inspiring person! And a good cook!

I'm doing a 30x30 challenge with our church (spend 30 min. a day with God for 30 days). I'm only 5 days into it and I'm liking it! 30 minutes is do-able. And I feel like my heart is more open to God/more focused on him.

Also, I can't wait to go to Chicago! In July. That's the very rough plan for now. Was hoping to go for Taste of Chicago which my roomie Maegan says is really cool. But there will be plenty to do.

My new song obsession is "Beautiful Things" by Gungor. Look it up!

Tomorrow I work for half the day, then a scavenger hunt and camping in Waco. Hope people like my clues and also hoping it won't rain!! Thank you God that it's finally the weekend. Sigh. Bedtime.

Monday, January 10, 2011


It's all a haze. I can't seem to navigate the grey. I'm just getting stuck in it. I flick the windshield wipers and spray, but it doesn't help. It's too foggy on the outside...on the inside...all around me. I either sit in the fog and let it overcome me or get out into it...into the unknown and make a bold step of faith.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Disco Ball 2011 - A New Year's Wish

This year, I do hope, the lights will dim and I will begin spinning again in the middle of the dance floor...shimmering and glittering like a disco ball. I will feel like a big deal because someone is completely and utterly mesmerized by me and all the colors of light I reflect.