Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey all! Hope your Halloween was...non-paganistic?

I didn't do much Halloween related except went to a 7 course meal dinner party on Wednesday night and the theme was orange and black. Posting a few pics to entertain ya. That dog is a pomapoo (pomeranian/poodle mix). The pumpkin outfit was TOO MUCH! Loved it. We had a great time and some wicked good food too. Like for real. I had to bring store-bought pumpkin pies b/c I ran out of time to make them. If you know me, you know that made my heart sad...but what can I say, I'm a busy gal.

This weekend so far has been excellent! Helped a friend shop yesterday, then met up with some others for coffee (pumpkin lattes are the bomb!) Much needed time with my covers and pillow until 11 a.m today! Then some Elevate reading, a wedding shower, then a fajita dinner and bonfire at Maddi's house with a bunch of awesome people. Tomorrow's menu: church, walk with Maddi, more Elevate reading, birthday party, healing and prophetic service. Far from dull huh?

I got complimented on my eyebrows today by one of my girlfriends. Random! I've gotten that comment one other time from a guy when I was in college. Hey, I'll take it :).

Can I just say...I LOVE it when the high is 75. Perfect. Thank you Jesus for these lovely, lovely days!

God is teaching me to be patient and wait on him. He's teaching me to not move until I've heard from him. So I'll pray, and wait, and expect. Expecting is key...that's where faith comes in. Believing in the unseen. Lord, I know you will speak. I know you love it when I call on your name. Holy you are. Friend you are. Mercy giver you are. Ruler of the universe, thank you for being concerned with my very breath. You are my everything and I will adore you.

I'm also pretty excited about our Fall Outreach at A&M next weekend!!! I believe God's gonna do big things. BIG things. The ACC College Station church planters (Ashley and Tyler Hardy) came and spoke on Thursday and imparted their evangelistic giftings to us. Wow, after their talk and prayers, I feel much more empowered to share the gospel. I was feeling pretty sheepish about the whole thing. I go through that a lot...just wanting to avoid evangelism because it weirds people out and it can be pretty uncomfortable. Well...God said he's gonna get me over that, that all the power I need is resting in my bones through the Holy Spirit. I have everything I need and he wouldn't call me to do something that I cannot do. If God can use Moses, he can use me! Tyler Hardy said that we were made for evangelism. It has nothing to do with our personalities. Declare with me, "Boldness is my personality! I am a person that changes the world."

I'll have a weekend unhindered by distractions to just really GO FOR IT and make His name known in the College Station area. The church plant there is doing really well from what I hear. They meet in the Hilton and are averaging like 200 people each Sunday morning. That's pretty good since they just started this summer. So please pray for me, my classmates, and the people in College Station who are about to get rocked by the love of Christ. I want to be so full of God that I spill over!

Ashley Hardy had some good practicals about evangelism:
1. Believe that the kingdom of God is inside of me. Believe that we truly have what they need.
2. Go out with direction (seek the Lord for words, pictures, etc). Ask God who he has already been working on!
3. Love the next person set before you.
4. Compliment people to strike up a conversation
5. Figure out how the Lord uses you best. What's your sharing style/what works for you? Figure that out and do it confidence.
6. Move in the opposite spirit. In a place where no one interacts, start talking, etc.
7. Whatever it takes to break off the fear of man...DO IT.
8. Burn in the secret place with God. Contend to burn brighter each day.

John 6:40 - "For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day."

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