Thursday, August 20, 2009


I wrote this down in my (real) journal the other night and thought I'd share it:

I choose your way, Lord Jesus.
This is what I want.
You are worth the sacrifice!

I love because you first loved me.
The dimensions of your love
No man can fathom!

The Father of Lies shall gain no more ground!
For the Lord is my defense
And his Truth is the eternal victor.

I am a new wineskin
I yearn for your presence.
Holy Spirit, fill. Overflow.

I place my trust, hope and future
In the hands of the Almighty One,
The maker of heaven and earth.

Come Lord! Be my dwelling place.
Everything you're doing in me is good,
My life has purpose and meaning in you.

Let me dream your dreams and
Carry your banner wherever I go.
Be exalted among all nations, God!

When I utter your name,
Darkness tries to hide,
But cannot find refuge from your glory.

Let salvation awaken with the dawn!
Convict hearts that are far from you
Lord, may your kindness bring repentance!

Empower me, in your name, to heal,
Bind up broken hearts, and speak truth into falsehood.
You are the vine. I can do nothing without you.

Jesus, you are my joy,
Hope, delight and strength.
You are the ruler of my heart.

Lying prostrate at your feet of mercy,
At your throne of grace,
Is where I will be lost and found in you.

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