Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hey there Blog World!

Hello all!

In case you're wondering, I've extracted the title "Lily among thorns" from the Bible book, Song of Solomon, in which the Lover tells the Beloved: "Like a lily among thorns is my darling among the maidens." I just really like that.

I have decided to put on a trial run. I already don't like the limited layouts, but we shall see. I have also decided to re-try blogging b/c sometimes I have a lot to express and don't wanna take the time to manually journal. Plus, I want to share the amazing things that are happening in my how the Lord restoring to me a much needed 518 dollars via a random check/credit to my account from Bank of America! Praise Jesus for his perfect timing, his pursuit of me and his desire to increase my faith in what He alone can do! (If you want details to this story, just ask!)

Just watched Man on Fire with Anne. (Great movie!) We've just been chillin' together today, which has been nice. I quite like her :). I took her to the Olive Branch and Bloom and Bee Swanky, which are 2 personal Waco faves of mine.

Got unexpected news today. My heart is heavy for a close loved one. How did it get this far? Lord, grant me wisdom to know what to say, how to heal/restore and guide with words of grace that are too profound to have come from my own understanding. Jesus, thank you that you never leave nor forsake us, and that your love endures FOREVER. Let me love with your love. Would you woo her spirit back into communion with yours. Show her that only you can satisfy.

Blessings friends,


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