Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lies be gone!

Wow. Lifegroup was amazing tonight! So much joy in the presence of the Lord! We got free from lies by calling them out and laughing out loud at them. It was hard, but really a great practice. I'm hoping I learn to recognize and laugh at them more quickly instead of being oppressed by them and letting Satan have a foothold.

A few of them we came up with were: I am ugly, I am fat, I won't ever be married, I am not smart, I don't hear the Lord's voice, people don't love me, they just tolerate me...I will always be on the outside, I am not spiritually mature like (insert name of person).

Obviously those thoughts are far from the thoughts God has about us!! And they do sound more ridiculous when you say them out to other people who know they are not true and who can confirm that they are lies. When we believe these statements about ourselves, it's like a weed and it spreads and chokes out all the good and new growth that the Lord is trying to do in us.

One word that a friend shared with us is that we need to have "lane integrity." Meaning, as in a race, it is not beneficial to look to the right or left at the other runners, because then we start veering and losing our focus. So when we put people on pedestals for being godly, or being intellectual or talented, what we are really saying is that we wish we were in their lane. When clearly God wants us to run at our own pace in our own lane, as marked by him.

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