Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"it's quite the mess you're in, but it's nothing Love can't fix..." (from "Trust" by Kristene Mueller)

I'm quite convinced that we are all a mess! Think of the person you idolize, whether an influential political leader, an intelligent man, a historical or social figure, a Sunday school teacher, pastor, relative, or even Superman.

Ya...that person is a mess too.

How do we deal when we feel like things are messy in our life? When we feel overcome by the crashing waves of confusion, when we look at the clutter in our life and wonder how in the world we got here and how in the heavens we can get out of it. When even the once easy relationships are hard, and all we can do is whine and ask "Why?" When we surprise ourselves by our own behavior. Doing what we don't want to do, and not doing the very things that we want to do.

Even Paul had this struggle! I'd say he's a bit of a hero in my eyes. In the New Testament he challenges the believers to break free from the sin they were once enslaved to and walk in the resurrection power of Christ. Yet time and time again they cried out against God and Moses, "Why did you bring us out of Egypt? Did you just bring us out here to let us die? We had it better there!" And Paul, a strong and devoted follower of Christ is confessing that even he doesn't have it down yet.

So how is it that we really grab freedom by the love handles? ;)

I mean...REALLY. We need to hold on to freedom like it's the desperation of life or death. Because if we don't, if we place little value on it, then we will revert to slavery and bondage again...our God will be our stomach and our idols will be of the old man: money, fame, success, works instead of faith, recognition, approval of others. What little spiritual effort we offer will be nothing more than mere religiosity. And we know from the Old Testament that God saw right through false sacrifices. He judges not actions, but heart motives. And he detests dishonest scales.

Oh Lord, how could I even begin to love you with Pharisaic love? Let it never be so!! You said yourself that if my faith does not surpass that of the Pharisees, I will not see the kingdom of heaven. How could I love you this way when your love towards me is a gut-wrenching love that actually cost something...the dearest and most precious thing to your heart?

The Lord reminded me the other day that loving him is easy and natural. Why? It's easy because he's already pursued me from day 1. And he's still doing it. It's natural because I was made for relationship with Him!! We love him because he first loved us.

Ya know that feeling when someone really loves you and they come out and say it? How you just light up and feel all warm inside? Sometimes you might even cry at the very expression of it! Even if someone says they like you and the feeling is not necessarily mutual, you are still as we say "flattered." And downplay it as we do with that word, deep down something in the way our heart was oriented towards that person changes in that moment. That person has taken their thought from a hidden love to an expressed love and we feel validated. We are moved by love!!

Can I just say that any human love PALES IN COMPARISON to the perfect love of Christ??

That is all. Happy reflecting and sweet dreams.

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