Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I just had the most awesome night! We had lifegroup as usual...only NOT as usual. I told everyone to bring a pair of socks that they like/wear often/think are unique. Then we went around and had Sock Show and Tell. Weird, right? Well then we proceeded with LG, processed some about our outreach last weekend in College Station and about what kinds of people we want to reach out to in Waco too. Then we let loose the "Fun Bomb" and told people that the reason they brought socks is that we are going BOWLING!

Before LG, I called to the first bowling alley in town. They weren't having any specials and actually were maxed out due to bowling leagues. Called the 2nd bowling alley and they were having an OPEN HOUSE...meaning 3 FREE games of bowling, FREE shoes, a FREE drink and FREE popcorn. AND raffle ticket drawings too! There were 11 of us and it was rad. Justin won 2 more free games, shoes and some popcorn for next time for 6 ppl. I was like "WHAT?! REALLY?" AND this event only happens once a year apparently. Can we say...FAVOR?!?

I couldn't believe it. I mean and we just had a blast and all for free. I am finding not much is free these days without some sort of gimmick. I actually did pretty decent too! I bowled a 110 and a 125.

Anyway, life is good. The Lord is teaching me to be content with what I have and to trust that he has good things for me. He is a Father who gives good gifts and does not withhold them from me while blessing those around me. I really have trouble actually believing that sometimes...I don't think I usually live from that place of knowing that deep truth that God is always GOOD. He reminded me this morning about that verse in Luke 11 when it talks about how fathers don't give their kids a snake if what they ask for is a fish or if they ask for an egg, fathers wouldn't give a scorpion. So if a sinful father knows how to give good gifts to his kids, how much more will our heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.

I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance today and wrote this down in my journal of what I felt like God was trying to tell me:

"Emily, I will always give you daily bread. DAILY bread. Not once a week. I will not let you starve, child! So keep asking, keep seeking and knocking. You will find the answers you want here with me. I will guide you into wise choices. I ONLY bring you good gifts. They may not be packaged the way you think is most pleasing or the way you've been given them in the past, but when you open up the package, your face will light up with joy! I know exactly what you need."

What are you asking God for today?? Do you believe he can meet your needs and that he is on your side and by your side?

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