Saturday, May 22, 2010

No Greater Thing

Knowing You, Jesus, Knowing You
There is no Greater Thing
You're My All, You're the Best
You're My Joy, My Righteousness,
And I Love You Lord!

Emboss that on my heart, God! I want to know you as my all. I want to truly believe there is nothing more satisfying, nothing that is better in life than being in close fellowship with you.

I break off the lie that people don't need you in this generation. That people are living content lives without you. You made us to know you. You came to give us abundant life...and if we don't know you but have a lot of cool friends, possessions, and education...we are missing it!

I resist your love no more, God. Come and rush over me. I get low and open my soul to receive this love that covers me like a warm blanket. I lay down my pride and "right" to live how I want to live with no regard to whether or not it pleases you. I also lay down my tendency to try to live for other please people. It is your approval and affirmation I seek. Once I have that, I'm good! I can be more free to not care what others think if I have run it by you first. It's okay if people don't like me. It's ok. It really is. That's hard to really mean, but ultimately bringing you glory is more important, more lasting that someone's temporary praise.

Oh so thank you so much for all who donated to my Indo trip! I have raised the $3100. I am so thankful and blessed. I had a lot of fun making/selling jewelry for the trip too. It was super time consuming making it all, but of course, it's something I love doing. It was neat too that God spoke to me often about how I am hand-made, how he put in the time and effort to make me beautiful and unique. He fashioned me and said "She is good!" When I get my next chunk of free time, I am gonna put some of my jewelry that I still have on sale at I will update you when I do!


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